About the SCMA

The Southwest Celtic Music Association is a 501(c)(3) incorporated in the state of Texas in 1983. It's origins were the Girst Texas Ceili, an afternoon Ceili, of music, held at Nick Farrelly's Lounge on Oak Lawn in Dallas. Such was the success of the event that the organizers set about the formation of the SCMA and plans for continued events in the following years.

A board was formed, byelaws drawn up and articles of incorporation filed. The board then filed for tax exemption under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code as a cultural organization. This was granted in 1984.

The SCMA has maintained a registered office in Dallas, TX since it's incorporation and is recognized by the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs as a leading cultural organization specializing in bringing Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other Celtic music and dance to the city.

The SCMA is managed by a board of about 11 members elected by secret ballot by the membership at large. Elections are hald at the annual membership meeting held on the fourth Saturday in November each year. Board members serve for a 3 year term, but there are no term limits.

The offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the board at or immediately after the annual meeting. Officers serve for a term of one year and there are no term limits.

The board meets monthly, typically on the first Wednesday except when there is a conflict with holidays or other events. Meetings are open to all members and the public is welcome to attend. SCMA membership is open to anyone and there are annual rates for individuals, families, organizations and sponsors. Lifetime membership is available.

The SCMA is an all-volunteer organization and has no full time employees. It contracts for special services such as festival management, PR and sponsorship.

Registered Address

233, Yorktown Street,
Dallas, TX 752087

Phone (214) 821-4173