The SCMA Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected from the general membership, and holds regularly scheduled meetings to discuss and decide upon the running of the organization. That will include sponsored events, sponsorship or financial assistance to other organizations, partnership with other local groups, content and publication of the Ceili and many other similar topics dealing with ways to help promote and present Celtic cultural awareness in North Texas.

Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at the corporate office unless otherwise noted. The date may occasionally be changed to avoid public holidays and the annual Irish Festival.

All meetings are open to members of the SCMA, their guests, interested potential members and anyone who has an interest in seeing how the organization works. Rarely the Board or the Officers may elect to hold an executive session, though this is usually limited to the discussion of sensitive financial issues.





2017/18 Board

President Sheri Bush
Vice President Sandi Hebley
Treasurer John Hebley
Secretary Lybo Buchanan
Trustees Kenny Burleson
  Betsy Cummings
  Jack Dingler
  Jeane Eishen
  Stefan Eishen
  Penny Ewoldsen
  Richard Jones
  Steve Monroe
  Hazel Greene
Associate Connie Ener
Trustees James Stinson
  Lee Kelton