First SCMA Office Concert

As promised, here are the details on the upcoming SCMA Office Concert Series inaugural concert. we've heard so many times that people really miss the camaraderie and spirit of community that surrounded the fundraisers we used to have, and we’d like to try to recreate that sense of connectivity with these concerts. We’re going to run this much like a coffeehouse would, in that we will have coffee and some baked goods available. Small donations would be lovely for these items but we’re not policing it. You are welcome to BYOB, and if you’d like to add some items to the munchies table we’d love that.

So, who are you coming to see? None other than Jed Marum and Michael William Harrison, back together again with a new show. They will be ably aided and abetted by Kathleen Jackson and Jed’s son, Jaime. This is going to be a great show, and the SCMA office is a wonderful place to hear them. We will have some seating, but you might be well advised to bring a portable chair with you just in case. This is our first outing with this type of event, so we're sure we’ll learn a lot, but we’ll do our best to make you comfortable and give you a wonderful show.

We will not be charging a ticket or cover price for this event, and we will be “passing the hat” for the musicians. Please be generous, as this will be most of their payment. The SCMA will be supporting that as well, but we are depending on your attendance and good will!

Too make it as easy as possible for you to attend, we have secured the unpaved parking lot directly across the street from our office for your use. Yes, Dallas even manages unpaved lots! This is a good lot, hard packed, so should be no problems. It is accessible from the corner of Elm and Good Latimer, with the entrance being on Elm, just a few feet from the intersection. Drive around the back of the old building that still resides on that corner and that will lead you into the lot. I believe it is also accessible on the north side from Pacific. You are also welcome to park on the street, just know that the parking meters will be active.

The date is Sunday September 28th, from 2-5 pm. The doors will be open at 1 pm and we will start on time. The Cowboy game isn’t until 7:30 so no excuses! Our address is 2528 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, one block west of the intersection of Elm and Good Latimer. Note that Elm is one way headed west there. We have a wonderful old building with a sign hanging off the front that says “Speak”. Indeed! We are also next door to Urban Paws, just to help you locate us.

Security Improvements Added

Note that we now secure all the information that you transfer to the SCMA through the Services pages. You will see that the page URL is now prefixed with "https" and there is a small padlock icon before the address. We have made this change in order to protect your sensitive personal data.

Annual Meeting

The Southwest Celtic Music Association will hold its annual election on Saturday, September 27 at the SCMA corporate offices (2528 Elm Street, Suite B in Dallas) at 10 a.m. All current SCMA members and others interested in finding out more about the SCMA are welcome to attend.

Newly elected board members will be confirmed.

Board Election

The nomination period for the 2014 election of new board members closed on August 15, 2014. Since there were only three nominations for the three vacant positions the nominations chair recommended that ballots not be mailed and that Jeane Eishen, Betsy Cummings and Floyd Harris be elected unopposed. The Board accepted this proposal.

For a complete list of current board members and officers please visit the Board page.

SCMA Offices

The SCMA offices are located at 2528 Elm Street, Dallas. We are just one block east of the I45 overpass and a block west of the intersection with Good Latimer.

Note that Elm is one way INTO downtown, so easiest access is from Good Latimer.